Meet JMR

The Long Road

John Michael Roch was born in Barcelona, Spain. At the age of three, along with his family, he moved to Cuba where he lived for twelve years. There he learned to appreciate Latin rhythms. Later, after having moved to the U.S. he began playing in local rock bands. Originally a bass player and later on, drummer for various rock acts, he toured and recorded as well as writing material for the band. While playing with Los Angeles based rock act “Mighty Dog”, he wrote a number of romantic songs that did not fit the band’s format and recorded the self-produced “With you in my arms” which was released on vinyl in 1976. Recently, Swedish record label “Subliminal Sounds” re-released this record in its original vinyl format and extended liner notes, a collector’s dream come true.  After producing and writing for various independent artists, he began a solo career and started to write for himself. This time switching to keyboards and choosing the "romantic" style of music evident in his compositions. With the help of a few friends, all excellent musicians, he began to put together various musical projects. A collection of ardent instrumental and vocal music with bewitching melodies and sensual rhythms. Featuring live instruments interwoven amidst a patchwork of electronic soundscapes, inspired string arrangements, and driven by a variety of Urban and Latin rhythms. John Michael Roch’s compositions, supported by the musical talent of his friends have produced recordings that are stirring, memorable, very romantic and yet driving musical creations. Many are piano/instrumental recordings leaning toward the romantic with rock overtones. Once you’ve played rock n’ roll it’s hard to divest oneself from its lure.